Saturday, October 31, 2009

Youth’s Voice for Change

Music is an avenue for expressing ourselves and to voice out our beliefs and desires. This is the inspiration of the biggest gathering of Filipino Youth and Music Artist for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds last October 23, 2010.

Titled “i-change: Voice for a Better Life Music Festival”, the concert is a movement that empowers young people to discuss their problems and find ways to solve them. It also helps the young and the young-at-heart to find their own voice amidst the changing landscape of today’s socio-political milieu.

On the other hand, Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population Development (PLCPD) Director Rom Dongeto stressed that the festival is non-political and there will be no political speeches during the event

The festival, moreover, staged well-known and most favorite bands in the country starting with The Dawn, Sugarfree, Kenyo, Sandwich, The Jerks, Duster, Cambio, Radioactive Sago, Heber Bartolome, Moonstar 88, Imago, Color It Red, Jess Santiago, Paraluman, FMD, 6Cyclemind, Tropical Depression, Kjwan, Chilitees, Peryodiko, Tatsulok, Pedicab, Join the Club, Nico and Carlo, Camerawalls, and Aurora.

Before the jamming begins, the audiences enjoyed in participating booths and symposia. The event was aired on a two-hour TV special on TV5 last November 7.

TJ Besa of CommPulse noted that the festival offered the youth everything that they need from the arts, social service, entrepreneurship, sports and more. It also highlighted the achievements and aspirations of the youth through songs, exhibits, video presentations and other activities.


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