Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cebu Blog Camp 2011

There is now a growing number of bloggers and more and more people are becoming aware of their influence both in the online and offline communities. The Cebu Blog Camp 2011: Learn New Skills, Experience New Thrills, aims to educate these bloggers in order to build a more credible community of bloggers in Cebu.

The Cebu Blog Camp is annually organized by the Cebu Chapter of the Blog and Soul Movement which is the educating leg of the already four years ongoing Philippine Blog Awards Inc.. The Cebu Blog Camp is also the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu. The Bloggers joining the blog camp are not limited to Cebu Bloggers alone but also includes bloggers from Manila, neighbouring provinces of Visayas and bloggers from Mindanao.

Every year the Cebu Blog Camp holds a new theme and a new set of lessons but with the same objective which is to educate bloggers and help them improve in their blogging activities.

This is a non-profit event and is a free event for all bloggers to attend. Bloggers need to register online in the main site: in order to receive an official pass. The Cebu Blog Camp 2011 will be held in the St. Joseph Hall in Sacred Heart Center this May 28, 2011. It is a whole day event and will cover topics such as Photography 101, Travel 101, and Social Media Marketing 101. These topics are prepared for the bloggers so that they may develop better skills which are important for their blogging activities.