Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PWWA Advocates an Integrated Approach to Face Climate Change

The 17th Philippine Water Works Association (PWWA) International Conference and Exhibition on Water Resources Management (Philwater 2009) was held at Tagbilaran City, Bohol from September 30 to October 2, 2009.

Organized by the Philippine Water Works Association (PWWA) and hosted by the Provincial Government of Bohol, the said conference and exhibition carried the theme of “Water Sector Advocates an Integrated Approach to Face Climate Change.”

As the highlight in Maynilad’s (one of the exhibitors) exhibit during the 17th PWWA International Conference and Exhibition on Water Resources Management (Philwater 2009) at Tagbilaran City, Bohol, The fight against Non-Revenue Water (NRW) – or water lost to illegal connections and leaks -- in the West Zone of the Greater Manila Area was further discussed.

The Philippine Water Works Association or PWWA is the main organization of the country's water supply industry professionals, contractors, suppliers and water districts. It was established in 1978 with the objective of providing Filipinos safe, affordable and adequate drinking water and in so doing, set up a linkage network among consumers and water supply providers, not only from local sites but also from overseas.

For further inquiries, mail or visit them at their office at PWWA Building Katipunan Road Balara, Quezon City 1101. Philippines.

ReCAAP talks about Seafarers Safety

The Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) Information Sharing Centre (ISC) conducted an international forum last September 25-26, 2009 at SM Megatrade Hall.

With the Philippines hosting the event, the Philippine Coast Guard also came out and participated. Different topics regarding seafarer’s safety as to the hijacking of ships by the pirates were discussed.

The Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) Information Sharing Centre (ISC) is an international organisation that comprises 14 member countries in the region. Despite its many advantages, the ISC has some weaknesses, which when addressed could bring regional cooperation to a new level and which could make the ISC a model for other regions.

The Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) is the first government-to-government agreement that addresses the incidence of piracy and armed robbery in Asia. The ReCAAP initiative aims to enhance multilateral cooperation among sixteen regional countries. The Agreement was finalised on 11 November 2004 in Tokyo, and came into force on 4 September 2006.

To date, there are fifteen Contracting Parties to the agreement. These are the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, the Kingdom of Cambodia, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Union of Myanmar, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

For inquiries, Fax +65 6376 3066 / +65 6376 3099 or mail them at NOL Building, 456, Alexandra Road, #11-02, Singapore 119962. You can also e-mail to to subscribe to our mailing list.

Neo-Angono’s Public Art Conference set forth to Creative City Development

The Neo-Angono Artists Collective and Japan Foundation-Tokyo held a free three-day art seminar/conference entitled “A Multi-Lateral- Country Conference and Feasibility Workshop on Public Art as a Step Towards Creative City Development” in Angono, Rizal last November 18 to 20, 2009. This served as a preface to Neo-Angono’s 6th Public Art Festival held last November 20 to 22. (sponsor - It is also presented in part by University of Rizal System-Angono and the Office of the Municipal Mayor Hon. Aurora A. Villamayor.

Directed by Mr. Richard R. Gappi, the conference generally aimed to convey to the delegates worldwide how public art evolves as a step in creative city development. Eventually, delegates would then be expected to relay and render this knowledge once they got back to their respective countries.

Various speakers who attended the conference were:
    - University of the Philippines Professor Alice Guillermo who addressed the “Role of Angono, Rizal in Contemporary Philippine Art” - National Artist for Literature Professor Bienvenido Lumbera on the “Literature as History, History as Literature” - UP Prof. Carmelo Vim Nadera on the “Tapping the Human Artistry and Creativity” - Palanca Hall of Famer poet and critic Roberto Anonuevo on the “Poetry as Reflection of Communal Psychology” - Poet and musician Jesus Manuel Santiago on the “Community Music as Language of the People” - Indonesian artist Ms. Arahmaiani on the “Methods of Production of Public Art in Yogyakarta” - Art Historian Thanavi Chotpradit of Thailand, “The Relationship and Tension between Public Art and the Public” - South Korean artist, curator, and scholar Jang Un Kim on “Community and Economy: The Case of Mae-in Market” - Mr. Shimoda Nobuhisa of Japan, “Conference on Arts and Art Projects” - Ms. Kaori Okado of Japan on the “Art Projects to Revive a City from Earthquakes and Art as a Safety Network” - U.P. Prof. Patrick Flores on the “Filipinos’ Views on Public Art” - Ms. Urbana Cadiz of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts on the “On Government and Private Bodies Awarding Grants to Artists” - Japanese scholar Dr. Mayasuki Sasaki on the “Creative City and the Quality of Life” - Playwright and lawyer Nicolas Pichay on the “On Censorship, Intellectual Property Rights, and the Artists’ Rights Under the Philippine Constitution”; and, - Angono artist Nemesio Miranda Jr. on the “Balancing Art and the Business of Art, Crafts and Tourism.”
The delegates were media personalities like Nyunt Win of Burma, Liew Kung Yu of Malaysia, and Engr. Emilnor Pasion, writers Mari-An Santos and Enrique Villasis, architect Anna Marie Gonzales and theater artist Michael Ian T. Lomongo of the Philippines.

This conference was also a follow up to the East Asia Leader Program entitled “Urban Community Development Inspired by Culture: The Potential of Creative Cities” from where one member of the Neo-Angono Artists Collective participated in.

Neo-Angono is non-profit, artist-centered, committed to experimentation organization that recognizes the need to contribute to art research and education, and welcomes support and advice from colleagues and critics. It has participated in art festivals and exhibits such the 2nd Tupada international Action Art Event in February 2005, 4th Philippine International Performance Art Festival in September 2005, the Philippine Art Festival by National Commission for Culture and the Arts in February 2008, among others.

The seminar entitled “A Multi-Lateral- Country Conference and Feasibility Workshop on Public Art as a Step Towards Creative City Development” was presented in part by University of Rizal System-Angono and the Office of the Municipal Mayor Hon. Aurora A. Villamayor.

For more information about the event, do visit the website at

“Dentistrends” emerge for the 101st PDA Convention

Trends on Dentistry still continued to materialize as the Philippine Dental Association held its 101st Annual Convention & Scientific Meeting at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last September 22 to 28, 2009. 

With the theme “Encompassing the Emerging Trends in Dentistry”, the convention featured top lecturers in scientific sessions and the latest dental products at the convention’s Trade Exhibits.

The convention featured Orthodontic Symposiums including the “Clinical Guidelines In Orthodontic Retention” by Dr. Ma. Laarni P. Serraon, Legal forums including the “C.O.D.E. And The Dental Law: The Pda Experience” by Dr. Arturo P. De Leon, Preventive Dentistry with Dr. Kazuo Kato’s “Oral Biofilm : Approaches To Reduce Cariogenicity”, a video-conference session of Pediatric Dentistry, current issues on dentistry like the “Minimally Invasive Approach In Cosmetic Dentistry” by Dr. Sushil Koirala and the “Laboratory Services Available In The Philippines” by Dr. Arnon L. Rivera, Prosthodontics that featured “Implant Prosthodontics: Occlusal Considerations And Current Controversies. Where Is The Science In Implant-Protective Occlusion?“ by Dr. Frieda Von Giese Brookshire, non-clinical forums like the topic “Towards Financial Security” by Dr. Jose Ma. A. Concepcion Iii, Endodontics with the “The Future Of Endodontics” by Dr. Marie Antoniette R. Veluz, surgical issues like the “Frontline Management Of Surgical Complications And Dental Emergencies” by Dr. Gary V. Brillo, Esthetic Dentistry with the “Common Errors In Esthetic Dentistry: Focus On Perio-Prostho In Teeth And Implants” by Dr. Regina Isabel Santos, Dental Technology issues such as the “Occupational Hazards In The Dental Laboratory” by Dr. Angelita B. Galvan, Implant Dentistry with Dr. Keng-Mun Wong’s “Management Of Hopeless Teeth In The Aesthetic Zone: Immediate Implants”, Periodontics - “Imaging In Periodontology” by Dr. Esmonde F. Corbett, issues on Oral Disease, and some Health Screening.

Other highlights of the convention included the 307 booths at the Trade Exhibit Area, gargling fountains courtesy of GSK-Astring-o-sol, and other give away promos.

For further information about the event, visit the website

8th Seaweed Festival honored Sitangkai

Tawi-Tawi Provincial Government hosted the 8th Seaweed Festival coincided with the celebration of the 36th Founding Anniversary of the province dubbed as “Kamahardikaan Tawi-Tawi” last September 24 to 27, 2009.

Tawi-Tawi Gov. Sadikul Sahali noted that they have exerted more efforts in the preparations of this year’s event compared to what they have done in the previous years. Moreover, he confirmed that a larger number of local and foreign tourists witnessed this year’s festival together with the seaweed farmers from the municipality of Sitangkai and nearby Sibutu.

Seventy percent of the country’s seaweed production is in Sitangkai where at least 4,000 metric tons of dried seaweed produced monthly and seaweed farming in the town covers about 5,000 hectares with 60,000 more hectares awaits farmers to plant high-quality seaweed.

Gov. Sahali also shared that good farming methods and infusion of new technology helps them to produce good quality seaweed, and local farmers will have the power to dictate the market price and value of their dried seaweed product.

Global prices of seaweed still remains very volatile, as he admitted that seaweed farmers are still trapped in poverty despite the strong demand for their product in the global market.

To further develop the industry, Sahali said seaweed farmers were recently organized into cooperatives to overcome their fears that the industry may be overtaken by other major seaweed exporters’ countries, like Indonesia.


In celebration of the Generics Awareness Month this September, the Department of Health together with its partner agencies namely the World Health Organization, the Philippine Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries, the Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association of the Philippines, GTZ, and PITC-Pharma hosted the first ever Philippine Generics Expo in Megatrade Hall 1, 5th floor SM Mega Mall last September 25-26, 2009.

The said expo, held in line with the implementation of the cheaper Medicines Act, gave out free medical consultation and tests as participants were also able to get freebies and discounts from exhibitors. Free lectures and discussion forums were also carried out on the two-day event. More importantly, quality generic medicine companies and their products which people can buy therein were also showcased.

According to Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, “Generic medicines have been our unsung heroes in the fight against costly, expensive, abusively- priced medicines. All these years, these generic medicine companies have competed against their high-priced innovator counterparts. Such competition has forced some of these high-priced medicine prices to go down to more affordable levels, just as it has further improved the quality of generic medicines through the years. If more and more doctors prescribe generic medicines and more and more people use generic medicines, these offer more competition to further force medicine prices to go down.”

Furthermore, to stress the benefits of generics, the DOH also signed an agreement with the Cancer Warriors Foundation to invest 20 Million pesos for the purchase of generic anti-cancer medications that is earmarked to benefit children with leukemia. These medicines that would have benefited only a few patients for the same amount due to the high costs of treatment can now help hundreds of leukemic patients. The medicines are purchased through PITC-Pharma and are 2 to 5 times cheaper than the innovator counterparts but are of excellent quality.

For more inquiries, contact 743-8301 loc. 1929 or email

Ring of Fire: The First Southeast Asian Ceramics Festival

As part of the Zero in Periphery Series 2009, 16 Filipino potters and 10 other Southeast Asian ceramic artists showcased their works in the international exhibit entitled Ring of Fire at the Ayala Museum last September 21 to October 4, 2009. The said convergence of ASEAN potters in Makati was the first of its kind in the Philippines.

The 64-works display by the master potters in the region testified to the intensity, passion, and peculiar identity of ASEAN ceramic artists. Influenced by ceramic artists from China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, they are now drawing fire from each other.

Among the renowned ASEAN potters who participated in the event were Ahadiat Joedawinata of Indonesia; Peter Low, James Seet, Lileng Wong, and Yeow Seng Cheah of Malaysia; Teck Heng Tan and Thomas Cheong of Singapore; Bathma Kaew-Ngok of Thailand; and Bao Toan Nguyen of Vietnam.

Participating Filipino potters included Jon and wife Tessie Pettyjohn of Pansol; Hadrian and wife Camille Mendoza of Makiling; Jaime de Guzman of Candelaria, Quezon; Colorado-based Nelfa Querubin of Iloilo; Manila-based sculptress Julie Lluch of Iligan; Pete Cortes of Bulacan; Pablo Capati of Batangas; Joe Geraldo of Bacolod; Mark Valenzuela of Dumaguete; Winnie Go and Joey de Castro of Makati; Siegrid Bangyay and Lope Bosaing of Sagada.

The participants of the ASEAN show also interacted in a two-day ceramics workshop, which was a great venue for them to exchange information and discuss individual techniques and the creative process of their works. It was also held at the Ayala Museum, particularly at the Luna and Amorsolo rooms, last September 22 and 23.

Ceramic artist Hadrian Mendoza, recipient of a Toyota Foundation networking grant in November 2007, convened and organized this event with the primary goal of “fostering a community among Southeast Asian peoples that celebrates both the diversity and unity of the region through the art and craft of pottery.”

Mendoza hopes for the continuity and expansion of the communications that he has established among fellow ASEAN potters. He has touched base with contemporary potters in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, and is searching for more modern practitioners of the ancient art of pottery in Brunei and Myanmar. He has also connected with various communities of potters in the Philippines. A website for the project has been created:, which aims to increase active exchanges among the region’s potters.

Ring of Fire was sponsored by Toyota Foundation Japan, Philippine High School for the Arts, Filipino Web Services, and Crown Plastic Products, Inc.

Ring of Fire was Ayala Museum’s choice for 2009’s Zero-In consortium project of the Philippine’s leading private museums. Aside from the Ring of Fire, other scheduled exhibits by participating museums were as follows:

• “Beyond Frame: Philippine Photomedia”
Ateneo Art Gallery
Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
October 1, 2009 - December 15, 2009

• “Deleted Scenes”
Lopez Memorial Museum
Ground Floor of Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
November 12, 2009 - January 9, 2010

• “Remembering the Atrocities of War”
Bahay Tsinoy
Kaisa-Angelo King Heritage Center, 32 Anda corner Cabildo Streets, Intramuros
November 12, 2009 - January 9, 2010

• “Invisible Children”
Museo Pambata
Roxas Boulevard corner South Drive, City of Manila
November 26, 2009 - January 5, 2010

Now on its eighth year, Zero-In has focused attention on the strengths of the member museum’s professional expertise, collections, and programming, proposing dynamic alternatives for institutional support and cooperation. Zero-In is a celebration of different art niches in different locations aiming to instill not just the love for our culture but the appreciation of the past and its impact on how we are today as a people. For more info, visit

Ayala Museum is located at De la Rosa St. corner Makati Ave., Greenbelt Park, Makati City. For more information, you may reach them at (632) 757 7117 to 21, email at, or visit

CHAP Promotes Health Awareness in its 51st Annual Convention

The Council of Health Agencies in the Philippines held its 51st Annual Convention at the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) Auditorium last Sept. 30, fueled by its theme “Health Awareness through Our Senses.”

Among the highlights of the program included the awarding of the 2009 CHAP Outstanding Awards, one of which was the Most Outstanding National Health Provider Category, conferred to the Philippine Medical Association.

The event’s keynote speaker was Dr. Jose Asa Sabili, president of the PMA for 2006–2008.

Dr. Nenita Lee Tan, president of CHAP, planned the whole-day conference with different discussions by practitioners with an expertise in specific areas of the senses.

Among the speakers were Dr. Romeo C. dela Cruz, M.D, “Maliwanag ba? Nililinaw ko lang;” Dr. Albert J. de Leon, M.D., “Ang Luga (Otitis Media)… Bow;” Ms. Leah Samaco Paquiz, ED.D., “How the Sense of Touch could Improve Health;” Ms. Felicidad V. Velandria, “Is Food Taste Important in Health?” and Dr. Mercedes O. Osunero, M.D., “The Role of Physicians and Pharmacists in Managing Senses.”

Coming Together for Cooperative Development

Cooperatives are a big part of business development in the Philippines, especially for those who want to establish their own projects but have very limited resources. The cooperative sector in the Philippines has seen a continuous rise in popularity and stability in the recent years, and is continually receiving support both from private enterprises and the government.

To extend the awareness, promote unity, and provide more avenues for development, the League of Cooperative Development Officers of the Philippines (LCDOP), the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), and the City of Olongapo jointly organized the Fourth National Tripartite Conference for Cooperative Development, held at the Olongapo City Convention Center last Sept. 23–25.

The three-day event saw to the participation of LCDOP and CDA officials; members and officials of different cooperatives; provincial, city, and municipal cooperative development officers; and local government unit (LGU) executives and staff.

The conference was sponsored by the Land Bank of the Philippines, Super Ferry, the LGU of the City of Tacurong, the province of Zamboanga Sibugay and the province of Cavite, Subic Bay Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Cooperative Bank of Cavite, Cavite Farmers Feedmilling and Marketing Cooperative, BOCOFAMCO (Bongabon Coconut Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative), the Western Mindanao Cooperative College, Lamac MPC, and the Samboangan Bayanihan Cooperative.

For more details on the proceedings of the conference, please contact the secretariat of the Cavite Cooperative Development Center (CACODEC) at telephone number (046) 419-0004, telefax number (046) 419-1273, or mobile number 0927-2491857. You may also contact the secretariat through email at

Team Philippines Dominated Asian Supercross round 3

Kenneth San Andres and JC Rellosa led the Team Philippines as they cracked against other international riders in the 2009 FIM Asian Supercross Championships held last September 26 to 27, 2009 at Speedworld Circuit, located in SM City Bicutan.

Representatives from Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Iran compete in 65cc level, 9 to 12 years old; 85cc Junior, 12 to 15 years old; and MX 2 Pro categories while other national divisions were also contested. Moreover, the trophies for top three places and cash prizes were awarded during the said event.

Calendar of Events for the 2009 FIM Asian Supercross Championships are as follows: March 1, 2009— Puerto Princesa, PHILIPPINES; July 19, 2009—Ulan Bator, MONGOLIA; August 10, 2009—INDONESIA; and November 15, 2009—Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

For more information, contact Namssa, organizer of the event, at (63917) 847-9785, email, or log on to

Top officials cited 14th NREA-HUDCC convention

The National Real Estate Association Inc., held its 14th NREA-HUDCC National Convention last September 24 to 25, 2009 at the Makati Sports Club, Makati City.

Led by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Vice President Noli de Castro, the event was attended by top government officials for their solid commitment in helping out government sustains the economy despite the current global financial crisis. 

Moreover, President Arroyo urged the industry to improve their craft and design so they can build safe homes and reasonably priced. Vice President de Castro, on the other hand, cited the Philippine real estate sector's contribution to the growth of the economy.

Furthermore, a housing trade exhibit was also staged at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City on October 5 to 6, 2009 as a continuing part of the program.

Back-to-Back Food Expo at the WTC

The Asia Food Expo (AFEX) marked another sign of its commitment to enhance the standards of the food and beverage industry in the country. This year, AFEX 2009 was launched simultaneously with Food Serve Asia 2009 at the World Trade Center, last September 23 to September 26, 2009. 

Senator Francis Pangilinan officially opened the back-to-back expos which cater exhibits of technologies and business solutions that uplift the level of Filipino F&B entrepreneurs and food service professionals in the country.

Elmer C. Hernandez, Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary, noted that Asia Food Expo has remained an undisputed venue to showcase the Philippine competitiveness in the food sector as well as bring into the country the latest innovations and developments in the food packaging and processing sectors.

AFEX 2009 is the best source of new technology in food processing, packaging and handling machinery and other equipment, as showcased by superior exhibitors. The expo also features strong foreign participation from the US Department of Agriculture, Le Club French Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan Pavilion, Indonesian Embassy, and Austrian Embassy—representing a number of company suppliers from their respective countries.

FoodServe Asia 2009, on the other hand, is the international exposition for the food service industry. Visitors from the catering and food service industry who are looking to improve and upgrade their businesses can benefit from the wide range of new solutions and equipment launched in this event. Seminars and demonstrations are also held during the expo to further increase the food service knowledge of participants.

“Ring of Fire” at Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum featured sixteen Filipino potters and 10 other Southeast Asian ceramics artists on the exhibit of their wares in an international show called "Ring of Fire" last September 21 to October 4, 2009.

A two-day workshop was also part of the program for the interested participants of the exhibit. They exchanged information and discussed individual techniques and the creative process of their works at the Luna and Amorsolo Room of the Museum on the second and third day of the event.

Renowned potters participated in the event include Ahadiat Joedawinata of Indonesia; Peter Low, James Seet, Linleng Wong, and Yeow Seng Cheah of Malaysia; Tech Hen Tan and Thomas Cheong of Singapore; Bathma Kaew-Ngok of Thailand; and Bao Toan Nguyen of Vietnam.

Filipino potters, on the other hand, include Jon and wife Tessy Pettyjohn of Pansol; Hadrian and wife Camille Mendoza of Makiling; Jaime de Guzman of Candelaria, Quezon; Colorado-based Nelfa Querubin of Iloilo; Manila-based sculptress Julie Lluch of Iligan; Pete Cortes of Bulacan; Pablo Capati of Batangas; Joe Geraldo of Bacolod; Mank Valenzuela of Dumaguete; Winnie Go and Joey de Castro of Makati; Siegried Bangyay and Lope Bosaing of Sagada.

Sponsors of the show are Toyota Foundation, Ayala Museum, and Filipino Web Services.

PRSP Held Two-Part Digital PR Seminar

The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) held there Professional Development seminar focused on digital PR last September 25, 2009 and October 16, 2009 at the InterContinental Hotel Manila in Makati City.

Aptly titled, “A Whole New World of Digital PR”, the 2-part seminar aims to gather industry experts to discuss and share their insights on the various aspects of online reputation management, the online media as a part of campaigns and strategies to build brand relationships with stakeholders.

Among the list of respected speakers include:
Mr. Jay Bautista, The Nielsen Company Philippines – Media Group Executive DirectorThe Philippine Digital Landscape: An Assessment
Mr. Mike Palacios, Havoc Digital General ManagerHow to use Digital PR Tools Effectively
Ms. Janette Toral, founder of
Effective Online PR with Bloggers
Mr. Reggie Velasco, Yellow Brick Road Philippines General Manager (Yahoo!)Digital PR the Yahoo! Way
Mr. Paulo Pangan Yehey! Corporation Digital Strategy ManagerDigital PR Techniques for Politics
Mr. Donald Patrick Lim, Yehey! Corporation Chief Executive Officer Viral Marketing Techniques for Online Word of Mouth (WOM)
Ms. Aileen Apolo, Google Country Consultant for the PhilippinesUsing Google Search for Online PR
Ms. Crisela Magpayo-Cervantes, ABS-CBN Interactive Customer Marketing HeadUsing Online Communities for Digital PR
Mr. Carlo Ople, Friendster Global Digital Marketing Manager Using Social Networks for PR

Mr. Donald Patrick Lim, along with Ms. Elaine Uy, Chief Marketing Officer of Yehey! Corporation facilitated the workshop on the process of organizing a blogger event as a tool for brand relations and crisis management.

For more information about the event, contact the PRSP at telefax (632) 638-0012, 638-0010, email, or visit

Tourism Students Gathered for LTSP National Convention

At least 450 students enrolled in tourism and hospitality management courses in various universities, colleges, and schools from around the country gathered for the 2nd League of Tourism Students of the Philippines (LTSP) National Convention held last September 26 – 28, 2009 at the Cebu Grand Convention Center in Cebu City.

Organized by the Tourism Educators and Movers Philippines (Team Philippines), the three-day event aims to update students with the latest trends in the global tourism industry, integrate to them the culture of tourism, and involve and empower the tourism academic sector towards development.

In her welcome remarks, Department of Tourism (DoT) 7 Director Dawnie Roa challenged the tourism students to strive for excellence despite the current global financial crisis once they get employment in the industry. Dir. Roa added, ''The tourism industry will continue to soar despite the crisis and negative stories churned out by the media. Don't be distracted, just do your best and prepare yourself as you embark on the tourism industry in the future,''

Topics discussed during the convention included Basic Exhibition Planning, ASEAN 2015 and Mutual Recognition of Tourism Professionals, Bidding for an International Event, and Organizing an Exhibition. Speakers during the convention were LTSP President Xander Xim Sigua, National Association for Independent Travel Agencies (NAITAS) Chairman Emeritus Robert Lim Joseph, Premiere Events Plus Group, Inc., President Mr. Joel Pascual, and several others, who shared their experiences with the students.

''There are things that can be learned in schools and there are things that can be learned based on experiences of industry movers,'' he stressed. ''The convention, hopefully, will give the students a glimpse of the industry in reality,” said Mr. Joseph.

The 2nd LTSP National Convention is supported by the Department of Tourism, Cebu Provincial Government, Philippine Tourism Authority, and Philippine Airlines.

For more information about the event, contact the League of Tourism Students of the Philippines, Inc. Secretary General at (632) 510-5129 or (63921) 686-8944. Visit their website at

International Athletes Joined World Dance Sport Open

Dance sport athletes from 14 countries joined the 4th DancsSport sa Sugbu and 3rd Cebu IDSF (International DanceSport Federation World DanceSport Open Latin and Standard 2009 last September 26, 2009 at the Grand Ballroom of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino in Cebu City.

The dance athletes from here and abroad grooved to the Latin dances of cha-cha, samba, rumba, pasa doble, jive, and the standard dances of slow waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep.

Foreigners from Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Untied Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, and China joined the event. The Philippines was well represented, with dancers from Metro Manila, Tacurong City, General Santos City, Dumaguete City, Davao City, Cagayan de Oro City, Zamboanga City, Samar, and Leyte.

In the Latin discipline, Cebuana dancer Ms. Charlea Lagaras and her long time-partner Mr. Steve Vergara emerged the biggest winners as champions of the Adult-A Closed Asia and IDSF Open categories.

Another Cebauana, Ms. Dearlie Gerodias, and her partner Mr. John Errole Melencio finished second, while Ms. Joana Nina Marciano and Mr. Norwille Damasin won third place honors in the Adult-A Closed category. Bulgaria’s Ms. Ilieva Vanina and Mr. Petrov Genadi won second, while Ms. Gerodias and Mr. Melencio finished third for the IDSF Open.

In the Modern Standard IDSF Open category, Hong Kong representatives Ms. Faye Hung and Mr. Pietro del Bello claimed the gold, with Bulgarian dancers Ms. Stella Kukonova and Mr. German Tepavicharov taking home the silver. China’s Yuan Cheng Jun and Sun Na won the bronze for the said category.

In the Closed Asia category, Filipino dancers Ms. Maria Cristina Nguyen and Mr. Jaime Sarmiento won the gold. Brother-sister tandem Brian Joseph and Karla Stephanie Joy Ocana took home the silver, and real-life couple Ana and Joel Madera got the bronze.

The 4th DancsSport sa Sugbu and 3rd Cebu IDSF Open DanceSport Championship 2009 is sponsored by the Cebu City Government, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, M. Lhuiller Kwarta Padala, Department of Tourism, Philippine Sports Commission, Port Seafood Restaurant, Panasonic, Living Asia Channel, Wealth, Y101 FM, Business Mirror, Alegre Beach Resort and Spa, The French Baker, Shanghai Bay and the International Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Alcordo Advertising, Alpa City Suites, Large Form Graphics, Sun Star Daily, Cebu Daily News, and The Freeman.

For more information about the event, contact DanceSport Team Cebu at (032) 415-5844 or visit

PRO Winners Competed in 2009 World Robot Olympiad

Eight teams from seven schools in the Philippines represented the country during the 2009 World Robot Olympiad held last November 6 – 8, 2009 at Postech Gymnasium in Pohang, Gyeongbuk, South Korea.

Forming the Philippine contingent were Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region and Science and Technology Education Center for the Regular Category – High School Division; Claret School of Quezon City and Grace Christian College for Regular Category – Elementary Division; Dr. Yanga’s College and Makati Science High School for the Open Category – High School Division; and Grace Christian College and First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities for the Open Category – Elementary Division.

The said teams won in the recently concluded 8th Philippine Robotics Olympiad (PRO) held at SM North Annex Bldg., Quezon City last September 23 – 25, 2009.

PRO, organized by FELTA Multimedia, Inc., featured a grueling Iron Robot Triathlon for elementary school students, where in where a robot carrying one ping-pong ball from start area passes through the labyrinth and grey floors up to the base camp where the robot shoots the ball. A Robot Match was staged for high school students, wherein a robot follows the obstacle way till mission point and then gets as many ping-pong balls as possible and then travels back to the base camp following another obstacle course.

In the Iron Robot Triathlon, Claret School of Quezon City brought home first place with a perfect score. Grace Christian College and Nemesio Yabut Elementary School won second and third place, respectively.

In the Robot Match, first place went to Philippine Science High School in Bicol. Second place went to the Science and Technology Center of Cebu (STEC), and third place went to Christian College.

For the Open Category, Grace Christian College and First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities won first and second place in the Elementary School category. For High School, Doctor Yanga’s College took home the grand prize, while second place went to Makati Science High School.

During the 2009 World Robot Olympiad, three teams managed to secure places for various categories. Students from First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities, collectively called “FAITH Brave Hearts” took the eight spot in the Open Category – Elementary level. The young robotics experts from Claret School of Quezon City bagged the Regular Judge’s Award for the Primary Group while the Gracean Whizkids of Grace Christian College secured the Open Judge’s Award for the Primary Category.

The Philippines will host the 2010 World Robot Olympiad.

The 8th Philippine Robotics Olympiad is in partnership with the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (SEI-DOST) and supported by the Department of Education (DepEd). The event is sponsored by A-Z Direct Marketing, Inc., MC Kester’s Peanut Butter, SM Foundation, and No Curfew Watches

For more information about the event, contact FELTA Multimedia, Inc. at (632) 912-1397, 438-175, 913-4884, 911-1978, fax (632) 912-7533; 438-1755, email, or visit their website at

PMAP Staged 46th Annual Conference

The 46th People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Annual Conference, the biggest gathering of some of the best minds and the emerging thought leaders in people management, was held last September 23 to 25, 2009 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila in Pasay City.

The annual event is designed to tap into the unique facets of our culture and leverage on identified nuances in order to equip People Managers with the knowledge and systems to effectively engage the Filipino workforce. The event ran on four parallel tracks, each highlighting the unique insights and collective experiences of the Filipino people.

Mr. Manuel Pangilinan, Chairman of the Philippine Long Distance Corporation (PLDT) delivered the keynote address for the three-day conference. In his speech, Chairman Pangilinan identified five variables that can be potentially transformative of the country’s economic future. These include investing in businesses which offer unique to the country’s locational or resource advantages such as tourism and mining; those that are by-products of the skills exodus such as medical tourism and the retirement businesses; those that are linked to information and communications technology such as the outsourcing business; investing in infrastructure such as power plants, toll roads, seaports, and airports to lower the cost of domestic production, provide incentives for investors to locate domestically, and promote home employment; and investing in education.

The first day carried the theme, “Bayan: Framing the Context”. Mr. Oscar Sanez, Chief Executive Officer of Business Processing Association of the Philippines; Mr. Hans Leo Cacdac, Deputy Administrator of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration; and Mr. Gerard Plana, Executive Director of PMAP jointly discussed about the critical issues and challenges in managing and developing the Philippine human capital.

The second day of the conference was divided into two specialized sessions. The morning session, dubbed “Bayani: Defining the Leadership Challenge” examined the current leadership issues in relation to organizations operating in the Philippines.

The afternoon session was titled “Anihan: Mapping Practices and Point of Views” where participants attended satellite conferences focused on talent management, performance management, industrial relations, training and development, leadership, and people management in SMEs.

The last day, “Ani: New Frameworks and Prescriptions” proposed alternative perspective on People Management. During the event, notable personalities identified and presented the results and point of views derived from the satellite conferences.

The event was concluded with PMAP giving the Employer of the Year Awards, People Manager of the Year, and People Program of the Year awards.

For more information about the conference, contact Ms. Cacay Ponce-De Leon of the PMAP Professional Staff at (632) 726-1532, email,ph or visit their website at

13th National Urban Pest Control Week September 21-27, 2009 (4th Food Industry Sanitation & Urban Pest Management: A National Conference)

In celebration of National Urban Pest Control Week last September 21-27, 2009, the 4th Food Industry Sanitation & Urban Pest Management: A National Conference was held at the U.P. NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman last September 25, 2009.

This year’s theme was “Challenging Food Manufacturers And Related Industries To Go Green Production: Help Mitigate Global Warming And Climate Change.”

Challenging the local food manufacturers and related industries to go green production is not only producing safe, nutritious, and wholesome food products but is also contributing in the government’s efforts in mitigating land, air and water pollution, thus minimize if not prevented, global warming and climate change.

The conference aimed to provide participants with strategies on how to implement strict cleanliness and sanitation following Green Production in processing facilities to reduce food contamination, hazards and disease-carrying pests in order to increase customer satisfaction and patronage; knowledge and information necessary to meet government and industry regulations; and information of the different urban pest control products and Green Charcoal technologies that are locally available but proven safe and effective against common urban pests, and alternative fuels for use in the food and related industries and support the national movement for “Buy Filipino-Made Products, Buy Local” especially in times of crises.

Officials and staff of National Government Agencies, Local Government Units, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Peoples Organizations who are concerned on food safety, sanitation and urban pest management in Food & Related Industries were invited to attend the conference. Other participants included owners, managers, administrators, QA officers, sanitation, safety and pollution engineers and officers of food manufacturing, processing facilities, sugar plantations, fastfood chains, restaurants, supermarkets, public markets, shopping centers and malls, hotels, motels, inns, and related establishments; private and public institutions, universities including students; and medical officers, entomologists, epidemiologists, sanitarians, environmentalists, and waste management practitioners.

The topics and resource speakers who graced the conference are as follows:

• Green Production Practices In The Food Manufacturing & Related Facilities
Dr. Sonia Y. De Leon
President, Foundation For The Advancement Of Food Science & Technology (FAFST)

• Designing And Implementation Of Solid Waste Management Program For Food Manufacturing & Related Facilities
Assistant Secretary Gerardo V. Calderon
Local Gov’t. Concerns & Lands & Exec. Director, National Solid Waste Management Commission, DENR

• Wastewater / Sludge Treatment For Food Manufacturing & Related Facilities
Mr. Diosdado R. Pineda
Executive Vice President, Alphine Systems Corporation

• Prevention & Control Measures: Rodents
Mr. Randy D. Daumar
NCUPC Licensed Pest Control Consultant, Davao City

• Prevention & Control Measures: Flying & Crawling Pests
Mr. Roque G. Tibor, Jr.
Registered Agriculturist, PRC; Secretary & Safety, Health & Environment Coordinator, NCUPC

• Prevention & Control Measures: Termites
Mr. Ian Vincent D. Palaypay
NCUPC Licensed Pest Control Consultant, Manila

• SMART Sanitation, Urban Pest Control, Enviro-Related Products & Alternative Green Charcoal Fuels & Stoves

A fee of Php 2,000, inclusive of meals, a conference kit, and certificates, was charged upon registration. Advanced registrants received a 10% discount per head. Agencies, organizations and companies with more than one participant were also entitled for another 10% discount per head.

The 4th Food Industry Sanitation & Urban Pest Management National Conference was presented by the National Commission on Urban Pest Control (NCUPC), Franchise Urban Pest Control Operators Of The Philippines and The “Always Be Honest” Phils., Inc. in cooperation with the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Tourism (DOT), Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Department of the Interior & Local Government (DILG), Department of Science & Technology (DOST), Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), League of Sanitation Inspectors of the Philippines, Inc. (LSIPI), Philippine Association of Sanitary Engineers, Inc. (PASEI), Philippine Association of Food Technologists (PAFT), Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP), Philippine Medical Association (PMA), Manila Medical Society (MMS), Filipino Inventors Federation (FILINFED), Filipino Inventors Society Thru Christian Brotherhood (FIS-CB), Zero Waste Recycling Movement of the Phil. Foundation (ZWRMPF), Earthsavers Movement, and MAPECON Philippines, Inc..

For more more information about NCUPC, you may reach the NCUPC Secretariat thru Marick Temporal at (632) 484-0208, or e-mail Their official website is

LGU officials attend Public Governance Forum

Local government officials, public administrators, and other public servants gathered at the Public Governance Forum keynoted by Dr. David Norton, a renowned Management and Strategy Thought-leader and co-author of the book, Balanced Scorecard held last September 23-24, 2009 in Mandarin Oriental Manila.

The forum, with the theme: A Force for Positive Change: Achieve Breakthroughs with the Performance Governance System was convened by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia and Performance Governance System.

The two-day forum tackled breakthroughs in public service in the cities of Balanga, Bataan; San Fernando, Pampanga; and Iloilo City. Other speakers included Mr. Jesus Estanislao of Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), Mr. Ryan Patrick G. Evangelista of Universal Access to Competitiveness and Trade (U-ACT), and Ms. Emilia Boncodin of the National College of Public Administration and Governance University of the Philippines. The topics showed participants how to drive results through transparency and performance management, align public sector strategy organization to strategy, involve stakeholders in successful strategy execution, strengthen performance reporting capabilities, and generate resources to fund strategic initiatives.

Conveners were the National Competitiveness Council, Development Bank of the Philippines, and CGG Comfac Global Group. Co-conveners were the Lungsod of Balanga, Bayan ng Bani, City of Iloilo, City of San Fernando, Professional Regulation Commission, and the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Institutional partners were CIPE, Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Palladium Executing Strategy, Natrapharm, U-ACT, League of Cities of the Philippines, Ortigas Foundation, Inc., and TeamAsia. Silver sponsors were Bank of Commerce, Flexo Manufacturing, Planters Bank, Smart. Media partner was BusinessMirror.

For more information, contact TeamAsia at (632) 757-3500, fax (632) 757-3510 to 11, email or visit

First Shellfish Summit Aims at Increasing Fisher Folk’s Lives

The Asian Fisheries Academy (AFA) and the Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (DA-BFAR-NFRDI), together with the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research (DOST-PCAMRD) conducted the first ever National Shellfish Summit at Dagupan City in Pangasinan last Sept. 23–24.

According to PCAMRD director Cesario Pagdilao, this summit is particularly geared to gather information on available shellfish technologies, markets, culture and processing. Mr. Pagdilao also said that the summit is concentrated in the study of the molluscan species of the shellfish kingdom.

Meanwhile, Dr. Westly Rosario, interim executive director of the NFRDI, said that a five-year road map for the industry shall have been drawn after the two-day event. A resolution for the promotion of shellfish as a valuable resource was also included in the output of the conference.

The two-day event saw to several discussions and presentations regarding the local and international shellfish industry, as well as workshops based on specific lines of expertise including biology, ecology, and assessment; broodstock development and seed production; culture; and processing, marketing trade, and promotion.

More than 300 participant from all over the country participated in the event, representing various sectors of the agriculture and aquaculture communities.

For interested parties, please contact the PCAMRD Los BaƱos Secretariat at (049) 536-55 or the AFA/NFRDI at Bonuan Binlec, Dagupan at (075) 653-0305.

Biggest In-mall Casting and Fashion Show Staged at Festival Supermall

The First Model and Fashion Congress, the biggest in-mall casting and fashion show, opened last September 26, 2009 at the Carousel Court of Festival Supermall in Alabang, Muntilupa City

Presented by Festival Supermall, My Fame and Fortune Modeling Community and CreatiVlla, the event aims to close the gap between brands, models, talents and agencies and provide a secured and safe environment where models and talents can meet with the modeling industry leaders. Furthermore, the event offer opportunities to learn and be discovered by providing models and talents direct exposure to the top agencies and industry experts and provide a positive, healthy and secured environment for personal development.

Mr. Antonio Valdez of My Fame and Fortune Modeling Community; Ms. Rose Nuqui, Marketing Head of Festival Supermall; Mr. Dan Villa, Chairman and Event Managing and Creative Director of CreatiVilla graced the opening ceremony held last September 26.

Thirty talent agencies started conducting open casting and VTR auditions for aspiring models from all age group. Casting days will be held every Saturday of October and November until November 28. Highlighting the event is a fashion show featuring seventeen of the country’s premier fashion designers. The fashion show will be held every Sunday of November.

The First Model and Fashion Congress is in partnership with Talent Agents Organization, GMA Artist Center, Fabtrix Promotions, Fashion Designers Alliance Manila, L’Oreal Professionel, Digiprint, RJ Bar, and RJ Guitar, with the following media partners: Chalk Magazine, Business Mirror, The Manila Times, Metro Magazine, MXY, RJ 100.3, Jam 88.3, Wave 891, Magic 89.9, 99.5 RT, 103.5 Max FM, NU 107, and Underground Radio 105.9.

For more information, contact Creativilla at (632) 387-2391, (63918) 304-5075, (63922) 403-1242 email, or visit their website at

Environmental Films Showcased at First Green Film Festival

Four (4) films touching on planet-related issues were featured at The 1st Green Film Festival held at SM North EDSA on September 23, 2009. The movies shown at Cinema 4 of SM The Block were a combination of American and Filipino films aimed at creating awareness about the serious problems our planet Earth is currently facing and what can people do about it.

Spearheaded by the SM Cares' SM Environment Committee, in partnership with Unico Home Entertainment, Solar Entertainment Corporation (official United International Pictures distributor in the Philippines), Warner Bros. Pictures, Magnavision and SM Cinema, the Green Film Festival highlighted environmental issues, such as climate change, scarcity of water, environmental decay, and the need for people and nations to work together for a sustainable future.

Joining the SM Environment Committee for the Green Film Festival are the embassies of France, Japan and The Netherlands which contributed films shown during the event.

Some of the films shown during the festival were:
  • The 11th Hour, which was released in 2007 and narrated by Leonardo di Caprio. The movie presented visionary and practical solutions to restore the planet’s ecosystems;
  • Home, a depiction of how the Earth's problems are all interlinked;
  • Penguin, Penguin Paano Ka Ginawa is the Filipino version of the French documentary March of the Penguins, narrated by Sharon Cuneta. It followed the journey of a penguin to its breeding spot in Antarctica; and
  • Abong (Small Home), which is a Filipino-Japanese art and cultural film about the Igorots of Mt. Province.
The movies Home and The 11th Hour were also shown at SM Megamall last September 30 along with Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and British Broadcasting Corporation’s Planet Earth. Screenings were also held at SM Mall of Asia last October 7, 2009.

The 1st Green Film Festival is a project of SM Prime Holdings, Inc. For more information, call (632) 292-0023 or (632) 294-4367.

REITASIA PACIFIC Philippines 2009 Conference “Key to Philippine Capital Markets Growth”

Organized by The Pinnacle Group International, the REITASIAPACIFIC – Philippines 2009 Conference was held at the Heritage Hotel Manila last September 30, 2009.

It discussed the future of REITs in the Philippines – how will it affect the equity market of the country, possible risks involved, the valuation of offshore and domestic IPOs, and identifying potential problems on the taxation, among related matters.

The Philippines, having a strong real-estate industry with an increase in expenditures of private real estate developers in terms of construction and developments of residential and commercial high-rise buildings, plus the influx of remittances by Overseas Filipino Workers, a booming tourism, and a growing number of offshore businesses, sees the current times as a good opportunity in having a bill on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the country.

Authored by Sen. Edgardo Angara, a bill on Philippine REITs has already been deliberated upon in the Senate and House of Representatives since January of 2009. The said bill was already implemented and benefited countries like Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and also around Asia such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Delivering the key note speech was REITs author himself, Sen. Angara. Private and publicly listed real estate developers, legislators, regulators, and investment analysts were present to tackle further relevant issues on REITs.

Other speakers who graced the event were Mr. Francisco Ed Lim, Pres. & CEO, The Philippine Stock Exchange Inc., Mr. Jaime Ysmael, Senior VP & CFO, Ayala Land Inc., Mr Roy Melick, Chairman, Global Real Estate Group, Baker & McKenzie, Mr. Peter Mitchell, CEO, Asian Public Real Estate Association, Mr. David Moritz, Managing Director, Co-Head of Real Estate, S.E.A., Macquarie Capital Advisers, and Mr. Frederick Go, Pres. & COO, Robinsons Land Corporation.

A 2-day Fundamental of REITs Philippines Masterclass was held prior to the conference on September 28-29, 2009, also at the Heritage Hotel Manila.

Delegate fee (inclusive of lunch, refreshments, and conference documentation) was USD800 for conference plus masterclass. For PSE, MART, IHAP, APREA members, it was a 20%-discounted price of USD640. For foreign-based companies, however, fees were USD1200 and USD960 respectively.

The conference was supported by The Philippine Stock Exchange Inc. (PSE), Asian Public Real Estate Association(APREA), Investment House Association of the Philippines (IHAP) and Money Market Association of the Philippines (MART).

Sponsors of the event included: Macquarie Capital Advisers Real Estate, Quisumbing Torres, ATR Kimeng, and Baker & McKenzie; Associate Sponsors: DLA PIPER, ATCHISON Consultants, Standard Chartered, KPMG, Filinvest Land Inc., Robinsons Land Corporation; Media Partners: Business World,, MoneySense, Focus Economics, Asia Monitor, Emerging Markets Monitor and ChinaHedge.

To know more about the event organizers, you may reach their marketing team at +65 6846-2713, fax +65 6747-6131, or e-mail

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Philippines joined global celebration of OneWebDay

The Philippines joined 50 countries and cities who celebrated OneWebDay last September 22, 2009. OneWebDay is an Earth day version of the Worldwide Web. The Philippine event was hosted by the Philippine Internet Users’ Society (PIUS).

OneWebDay, which started in 2004 in the United States, aims to emphasize the importance of the Internet in terms of empowering individuals, enhancing social networking, and contributing to the economic growth and development through e-commerce and better access to information.

For the Philippine celebrations, activities were held at the SM Mall of Asia and SM Baliuag. The celebrations at the SM Mall of Asia include Battle of the Bands, Grand Eyeball of Online Pinoy Entreps, Visual Art Competition, and free PC repairs. The SM Mall of Asia event was co-organized with Events Philippines, Inc..

Meanwhile, the activities for the OneWeb Day Celebration at the SM Baliuag Events Center include FREE Infotech training on blogging to earn, Adobe Photoshop, and Essay Writing Contests. Free WIFI Access was also made available to all. It was organized with, a project of Brotherhood of Destiny.

The 1st Philippine OneWeb Day celebration was co-organized with Event Philippines; Official Online Partner; it was sponsored by SM City Baliwag, Informatics Computer Institute; and the following media partners: u-talk, dzmm teleradyo, Philippine Daily Mirror, Malaya, The National Newspaper, Jam 88dot3, Magic 89dot9, 99dot5 RT, 103dot5 max fm, UR 105dot9, wave 89dot1.

Internet users may join PIUS by signing up at their website, thru email or mobile numbers (63919) 7944106, (63906) 3858958.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

2nd Pinoy Aquatic Fair focus on Sustainability

The 2nd Pinoy Aquatic Fair on Food, Technologies and Hobbies was carried out on September 18-20, 2009. The event was held at the Agri Aqua Network International, Inc. (AANI) Herbal Garden in the Quezon City Memorial Circle, Quezon City. The theme this year was, "Aquatic Sustainability for Food and Business."

The Agri Aqua Network International, Inc. (AANI) in cooperation with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) sponsored the said event. They were able to bring together a government-private – public sector led initiative on marine, brackish and freshwater aquaculture of BFAR's fisheries group, the winners of Department of Science and Technology- Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development Aquatic Technology Competition or DOST-PCAMRD ATCOM 2009 Aquatic Technology Competition & fish as a means of recreation of aquarium hobbyists and game fishing enthusiasts.

Should you have concerns, please contact the Event Manager, Ms. Desiree T. Segovia (02-497-2755 / 0918-800-1728).

Local Bands Play “Music Made in Cebu”

Several local bands and artists teamed together and staged the fourth “Music Made in Cebu” Concert and Trade Fair last Sept. 18–20 at the Atrium, Park Mall, Mandaue City.

The event, organized by Small Town Events & More, deviated from the past year’s concert. Live performances took on an acoustic twist, with numbers from PG18, Smooth Friction, Zarah Smith, Cattski, Sefyla, Brownian Method, and Max Surban.

Exhibitors for the All Music, All Cebu Trade Fair were also at the event, together with Yamaha and the Asian Academy of Music, who conducted free guitar lessons and voice and violin lessons, respectively. Other participants to the Trade Fair also included Hero Sausage, Smart Communications, Norkis Yamaha, Filinvest, and Stars and Stripes.

The three-day event was sponsored by Yamaha Music, Business Mirror, 97.9 Love Radio, Julie's Bakeshop, Sonshine Radio, The Orchard Cebu Hotel, RCTV Channel 36, PAGCOR, and in-part by Asian Academy of Music, Center for Pop Music Philippines, Gemino Stars Production, Media Adlib, Steady Tracker, and Graphicstar.

For more information, contact Small Town Events & More at (6332) 267-4894 or (63920) 215-2625

Top Scrabble Players Gather in Baguio for Centennial World Builders Tilt

Twelve years after the Philippines hosted the first-ever international scrabble championships, the Centennial Word Builders Tournament kicked off at the Baguio Country Club last Sept. 17–20.

The first international tournament held in the country was in the Sulu Hotel in 1997, where American Sam Kantimathi won the title.

With a final list of 34 registered participants from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, the word experts went through 33 rounds of match ups, testing their vocabulary and tactics in word placement across the board. Said Huub Luyk, Baguio Benguet Word Builders Cup president, of the Centennial Tournament, “This is the most ambitious undertaking yet.”

Competitors included man-to-beat Nigel Richards, defending World Scrabble Championship and National Scrabble Championship (North America) titlist, and Chris May from New South Wales, who is Australia’s fifth ranked player. Others in the roster included Marlon Prudencio (a Filipino now based in Singapore), Odette Rio (Philippines, National Scrabble Champion in 2004), and Pakorn Nemitrmansuk and Taewan Suththasin of Thailand.

Top players from Malaysia include Vannitha Balasingam and Yao Kian Hung; Singapore had Tony Sim; Saudi Arabia had lone competitor Ricardo Gonzalez.

The $7,000 event was backed by Axa Philippines, Smart, Baguio Mayor Reinaldo Bautista, Baguio Rep. Mauricio Domogan, Total, and Baguio Centennial Commission.

After four days of tile shuffling, Philippines’ Theodore Martus bagged the crown and took home the $4,000.00 prize, scoring a total of 14,721 points, a narrow five point lead over Pakorn Nemitrmansuk, who competed in the 2007 Panagbenga Cup. Vannitha Balasingam of Malaysia clinched the third place. Rounding up the top five were favorites Nigel Richards and Chris May.

For a complete list of details, log on to or contact the secretariat through Abe Gogoling at mobile number (63) 918-3188253 or send and e-mail to You may also contact Huub Luyk via mobile number (63) 918-9593464 or e-mail

Book Lovers, Authors, and Publishers Celebrate 30th MIBF

Book lovers, authors, and publishers from all over the Philippines are invited to be part of the pearl anniversary of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) scheduled on September 16 – 20, 2009 at the SMX Convention Center , Mall of Asia Complex, in Pasay City.

The 30th MIBF carries the theme, “Proud to be 30: Words Without Borders”. MIBF is organized by Primetrade Asia, Inc., in partnership with Asian Catholic Communicators, Inc. (ACCI), Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP), Philippine Booksellers Association, Inc. (PBAI), and Publishers’ Representatives Organization of the Philippines (PROP).

This annual fair, which began in 1981, has grown to reach out to a wide range of audiences, spanning different generations, interests and socio-economic backgrounds to share and celebrate their love of books. And now, thirty years from when it started, the MIBF continues to promote books and reading by giving the bookselling and publishing industry a venue to promote new titles and authors, dialogue with readers, and discuss ways to improve the quality of books. In its 30-year run, the MIBF has been instrumental in showcasing books in all their forms, encouraging people to read and find their inspiration. Thus, the MIBF serves as a platform for traditional and new media, presenting books and other published works in all their permutations to an ever-growing audience. Yet its vision remains the same: to be a platform for books and other published works, and to promote reading and literacy.

Numerous activities have been lined up during the event such as storytelling sessions, writing workshops, seminars and talks about the issues and concerns of authors and publishers, and more. The 30th MIBF will be highlighted with the exhibition of Tomas Pinpin's “Librong Pag-aaralan nang manga Tagalog nang Uicang Castilla”, the first book authored and printed by a Filipino. The exhibition is in preparation for the book's 400th Anniversary in 2010.

Also co-located during the event is the Edu.Shop, a trade fair featuring school materials, supplies, equipment, and facilities.

The 30th Manila International Book Fair is sponsored by Albergus Catering, The Brain Computer Corp., Oishi, ARMVET Printing Company, Immovation Printshoppe, Inc., and the following media partners: The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Veritas 846, 96.3 Easy Rock, A-Z Direct Marketing, Inc., Sambuhay (by Society of St. Paul), 99.5 RT , and NU 107.

For more information, call (632) 890-066, 896-0682, e-mail or visit their website,

Philippine Kayaking Series

4-in-1 Cavite to Corregidor kayaking
2nd leg of the 2009 Philippine Kayaking series September 19 and 20

Following the initial leg held off the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan last April, the second leg of the Philippine Kayaking Series 2009 was the 4-in-1 Cavite to Corregidor kayaking event held last September 19 - 20, 2009.

The event was called a 4-in-1 event because it highlighted the sports attraction and eco-tourism attraction of the province, aside from its rich historical heritage. It also featured a coastal clean-up on the second day.

For advanced class kayakers, it was a grueling 42K two-leg marathon as they crossed from Ternate and circumnavigated Corregidor. Meanwhile, novice kayakers, who were given a free kayaking clinic on the first day, had a shorter 5K race in the calmer waters off Caballo Island.

Registration fee for the kayak marathon was P1,150 for advanced kayakers; novice kayakers paid P1,450. The package for novice kayakers was inclusive of a ferry boat crossing, aside from the meals, entrance fees, souvenir shirt, use of kayaks, overnight stay in Corregidor, and certificates of completion.

Nineteen-year old twin brothers Alex and Alvin Generalo captured the 42Kmarathon with plenty to spare when they logged in 5 hours, 26 minutes, and 43 seconds at the white-sandy beach of Camaya Coast in Ternate Cavite.

Second place went to the pair of Richard Lukoda and Saldy de la Cruz which reached the shores with the time of 5:31:36; trailed closely by the duo of Norvel Cajes and Elizabeth Segovia with 5:32:56 in third place.

The 5K champs included a romantic American-mainland Chinese couple, Amy Liu and Chris Spohr, from the Asian Development Bank, who booked second place among the 19 couples that labored to finish the arm-pain-filled distance. The winners received several prizes from sponsors.

The event was presented by the province of Cavite, headed by Gov. Ayong Maliksi, and was backed by the Department of Tourism. Jointly organized by JCI-Ternate Mardicas, Sun and Sea Sports, and the Philippine Kayaking Association, its sponsors included Cebu Pacific; Sun Cruises; Camaya Coast; Caylabne Bay Resort; Universal Robina Corp. (URC); David’s Salon; San Miguel Beer; Mojos; Conquer Sports; Board Water Marine; Corregidor Foundation; Philippine Navy; Philippine Marines; Philippine Coast Guard; Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.; Media Partners: Business Mirror and Inquirer.

The Philippine Kayaking Series, promoted by the Department of Tourism and organized by the Philippine Kayaking Association, aims to identify kayaking trails in the country. Aside from promoting kayaking as an adventure sport, the event also aims to establish sustainable eco-tourism programs in different provinces.

For inquiries or more information on Kayak Philippines and its events, call 4687091; 8725478; 0915-435-9321; email or visit

Saturday, September 26, 2009

NRA challenges motor riders

The National Racing Association (NRA) in partnership with Castrol Activ Premium presented MOTOKHANA, a rider skills challenge on September 19, October 18 and November 9 of last year at Liberty Center, SM Southmall and Super8 respectively.

MOTOKHANA, a motorcycle sporting challenge, are competitions in which drivers attempt to maneuver around a twisty course in the quickest possible time. The course is usually set out on grass, or maybe a shopping centre car park, and is defined by flags or witches hats. Cars run singly and are timed. After everyone has run that course, the markers are set out in a new pattern, and the whole field attempts the next test.

The object of the competition is for each driver to complete all the test of the program in the prescribed manner, in the shortest possible time, without incurring penalties. Motorkhanas are regarded as the introductory level of events in the spectrum of motorsport. They offer to clubs and competitors the opportunity to conduct and take part in some of the less formalized events conducted under the National Competition Rules, in which the essential skills of car control and judgment may be practiced under conditions which avoid many of the hazards of public roads.

Participants were those with registered motorcycle or scooter and restriction 1 license to ride. The event was sponsored by TEKNIC, Inside Racing, Manila Bulletin, Playboy, Business World, The Manila Times, Tribune, Aeromed, Motorista Magazine and Cruising.

For more inquiries regarding the event, contact 7253949, (0917)8202391 or email You can also visit their website at

DepEd Admin Officers Convene for Stronger Admin Services

With the goal of inspiring and encouraging creativity among education stakeholders and expanding the delivery of administrative services for quality education, the Administrative Officers Association of the Department of Education (AOADE) conducted its Eighth National Convention and Seminar Workshop.

Carried by its theme “Expanding Administrative Service for Improved Support System to Quality Basic Education, the conference was held at the Teachers Camp at Baguio City last Sept. 16–19.

Mr. Maximo Aljibe, director of the Department of Education (DepEd) Administrative Services and AODADE, said that the conference seminar-workshop was also to serve as a follow-up of the recent institutionalization of various comprehensive administrative reforms. These reforms include the installation of a recently developed computerized system for certification, authentication, and verification of school records, and the implementation of the new records classification system.

The four-day event was participated in by members of the AOADE and other administrative officers of the different centers and bureaus of DepEd; school administrative officers; principals and/or officers in charge; physical and facilities maintenance officers; livelihood program coordinators, records officers, and property custodians; and disaster and risk-reduction officers/coordinators.

Registration, reservations, and confirmations of attendance may be made through faxing a completed registration form to the fax numbers (02) 633-7223 and (02) 633-7236. Inquiries and other concerns may also be directed via email at

DATE 2009 empowers Davao’s business sector

The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. staged the Davao Trade Expo (DATE) 2009 last September 17-19 at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. With their eleventh year theme, "Building the Future NOW: Sustaining Yields. Strengthening Links", DATE 2009 focuses on building the future by engaging Davao's business sector in shaping up business plans in changing global economic conditions.

Moreover, DATE 2009 featured exhibitors from the Davao Region's agriculture, trade and commerce, ICT, and tourism sectors. The Province of North Cotabato and various foreign delegates have also joined the said event.

The event highlighted the revival of the Davao Region Business Conference (DRBC) which arranged key decision makers from the Provinces of Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Oriental, and the Compostela Province. This is to provide leaders a venue to supply and exchange sufficient knowledge about each region's primary industries and further come up with resolutions that directly affect Davao region's economy.

A two-day job fair was also conducted to extend career opportunities to the workforce in the region, which was held on Sept. 17 & 18, facilitated by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The region's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), on the other hand, expressed their support in facilitating the DATE 2009 Business matching along with Growth with Equity in Mindanao (GEM) authorities.

1st Jun Labo Invitational Cup

The National Oriental Federation Philippines (NOFP) showcased Jun Labo Invitational Cup: 1st NOFP University Challenge 2009 was held at the La Trinidad Municipal Gym in Baguio last September 19, 2009.
Organized by Events Professionals, the tournament is the first project of the tie-up between NOFP, the country's representative to the World Oriental Foundation (WOF), and the Jun Labo Sports Foundation (JLSF). The event aims to provide a new martial art sport program for the youth of Baguio City and other Cordillera provinces.

The event featured professional and amateur martial artists of selected schools and universities of Baguio and Trinidad who will compete in Mixed Martial Arts, Full-Contact American Kickboxing, Oriental Sport, and Boxing.

Benguet State University heads a stellar cast which includes St. Louis University, University of Baguio, La Trinidad National High School, Tublay School of Home Economics, and the Pines National High School-Dominican Mirador High School Annex.

Events covered include the full-contact American kickboxing (pro and amateur), MMA submission grappling (pro), and Oriental O-Sport (striking and Greco-Roman wrestling styles).

Tattoo Artists Showed Love for Ink at Dutdutan 2009

Thousands of tattoo artists and enthusiasts from Malaysia, Saipan, Singapore, France, Indonesia and the Philippines displayed their love for ink at Dutdutan 2009: Philippine Tattoo Expo held last September 18 – 19, 2009 at the A Venue Hall in Makati City.

Presented by Tribal Gear and co-presented by Skinworkz Body Piercing and Tattoo Shop and Colt 45, the biggest and grandest tattoo event in Philippine history attracted scores of tattoo fans from here and abroad. Tribal Gear founder Bobby Ruiz and other members of the Tribal clique from San Diego, California, as well as P.O.D (Payable on Death) drummer Wuv Bernardo, and international street graffiti artist OG Able made the occasion even bigger and more significant.

A venue for the finest of skin arts, Dutdutan is the one event where acclaimed tattoo artists, enthusiasts, supporters, and even curious first-timers gather to marvel, get inked, compete, and experience skin artistry at its best. Dutdutan is also the one place and time when age and social status cross boundaries to take pleasure in a very personal and intimate brand of self expression.

Kamikazee, Pedicab, Urbandub, Valley of Chrome, Hilera, Sinosikat, Franco, Reklamo, Taken by Cars, Krazykyle, Dcoy and Wika Artist, Dice & K9, Hi-C, and other local bands entertained the crowd with their music. Tattoo artists were given a chance to show off their masterpieces through different category competitions.

Audience were treated to a taste of the inked lifestyle coupled with Five Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) exhibition fights. Ten mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters squared off and showed off their ground and pound game and knockout power. In the end, MMA fighters Reysaldo Biagtan, Reysaldo Biagtan, Michael Rubio, Angelo Estanol, and Angelo Estanol dominated their opponents in their respective fights.

Hundreds flocked to the venue to witness the event’s final night. Highlighting the night was the Bikini Contest which proved that beautiful bodies and tattoo go well together. Besting seven other beauties was 21-year old Ms. Nadine Reyes from Manila.

Dutdutan 2009: Philippine Tattoo Expo is sponsored by Philippine Tattoo Artists Guild, Inc. (PhilTAG), Kenny Rogers Roasters, Pepsi Max, Sun Cellular, Avatar Tattoo, and the following media partners: The Philippine Star, Jack TV, MYX, Magic 89.9, NU 107, Underground Radio UR 105.9, Playboy Philippines, Sidetrip Travel Magazine, and OTATS Magazine.

For more information about the event, contact Tribal Gear at (632) 772-2909, email , or Skinworkz Body Piercing and Tattoo Shop at (632) 834-5001, email or visit the event website at