Wednesday, September 16, 2009

21st National Quality Forum of the Philippine Society for Quality, Inc.

The Philippine Society for Quality Inc (PSQI) held their 21st National Quality Forum on September 16-18, 2009 at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila, Makati City.

The event, themed as “L.I.N.K.S.-Linking Innovations, Networks, Knowledge and Solutions,” aimed on sustaining quality Philippine products for consumers.

Various speakers came together for the three-day event. Among the topics to be discussed in the first day of the event were “Current Trends in the World Quality Development,” “LINKS through Mobilization Process,” and “Results of the Phlippine Business Processing Quality Benchmarking Study.”

The second day talked about “Responding to the Challenges of Today,” “Innovation and Quality to Increase Companies Competitiveness,” “Quality of the 21st Century:Quality Improvement Through Societal Changes,” “Integrating Christian Values in the Marketplace,” “National Quality for Quality Performance, Wellness for a Productive Workforce,” and “The Role of Organizations to Address Environmental Concerns.”

The last day of the event was on the following topics: “Improving Healthcare Delivery Systems Through JCI,” “How Scientists Are Made,” “Innovation for Survival and Opportunity in Challenging Times,” “Ensuring Quality in a Dynamic Environment,” “Use of Strategic Planning To Address The Challenges of Today,” “BPO Business Leverage On Quality,” “Organization Transformation in the Public Sector,” and “Leadership Spirituality.”

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