Friday, October 23, 2009

37th National Management Congress

The Philippine Council of Management’s (PHILCOMAN) annual National Management Congress (NMC) was held at the Renaissance Hotel, Makati City last October 16, 2009. The theme of the 37th NMC was “PHILCOMAN Responding To The Challenges Of Managing The Global Economic Crisis.”

PHILCOMAN, a professional organization of management practitioners, took the challenge of gathering some sectors of the Philippine society, particularly, the politician, the government, the private business, the academe and the people/community, to take a united stand in efficiently and effectively addressing the dire situation that we are presently in. The conference’s objective was to manage collectively the present crisis in a united and more positive perspective.

Dr. Benjamin S. Santos, the country’s multi-awarded inventor, whose entrepreneurial and managerial skills span more than four decades, and has produced a multimillion-peso Zero-Waste Used Oil re-Refining Technology having more than 80 patents in foreign countries, including US, UK, Russia, Japan, China and Australia, was chosen to receive the highest honor bestowed by PHILCOMAN.

Santos, 65, was presented with the council’s “Management Man of the Year Award” (2009) for his adherence to entrepreneurial and managerial excellence that impacted on people, organizations, governments, the economy and society during the conference. Council President Dr. Bernardino Paco and Selection Committee Chairman Dr. Cecilio T. Arillo were the ones who awarded him.

Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Liu Jianchao, also second highest ranking official of the Communist Party of China (CPC), delivered the keynote address. He touched on China’s perspective of the global economic crisis.

The conference charged a registration fee of P2, 500 per participant.

The 37th NMC was sponsored by Steel Asia, AeroNox Electro-Nitrous Converter, Filipino Inventors Society, Paircargo, and International Academy of Management and Economics.

The PHILCOMAN Secretariat may be reached at (632) 8962358, (632) 8962355, (632) 7572508 local 11, fax (632) 8962351, or email


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