Saturday, October 31, 2009

Foreign Chambers Expo 2009

The Foreign Chambers Local Employment Expo 2009 made job search easier last October 22 to 23, 2009 at the Market! Market! Activity Center , Taguig City.

The 2-day expo offered more than 3,000 jobs that offer competitive salaries to qualified personnel looking to find work among some of the country’s most dynamic companies.

Foreign Chambers Employment Expo Chairman and Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Vice President Chris Ward said that the participating companies in the expo are looking for new hires that they can train and develop to become part of their long-term plans.

He also noted that they will be looking to invest a lot in the people they will potentially hire during the expo. These companies, moreover, understand that to get the right people, they will need to be competitive in what they will be offering.

The expo will have 50 companies participating from the business-process outsourcing, health-care, real-estate and telecommunication industries.

Organized by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (818-7911 to 13), Australian-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (755-8840 to 42), British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (858-2255, 858-2372, 858-2373), Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (843-6457, 843-6466, 843-6471) and European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (759-6680, 845-1324), the job expo is part of the Chambers’ advocacy for increased employment in the country to help boost its economy.

The latest edition of the expo offered a wide range of jobs from the technical all the way to executive positions with on-the-spot hiring a possibility when companies see a perfect match to their vacancies.


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