Friday, October 23, 2009

PHILCOMAN Invited Ambassador Liu to Speak at 37th National Management Congress

Ambassador Liu Jianchao, the current People’s Republic of China (PRC) Ambassador to the Philippines, was invited to speak at the 37th National Management Congress held at the Renaissance Hotel, Makati City last October 16, 2009.

Ambassador Liu spoke over to 200 attendees from the Philippine Government, the Academe, and Business Community. He even started it with an anecdote saying that he was just invited because the supposed speaker to lend a speech was caught in traffic.

The Congress’ theme was “PHILCOMAN: Responding to the Challenges of imagining the Global Economic Crisis”. PHILCOMAN or the Philippine Council of Management is a professional organization of management practitioners that has taken the challenge to gather some sectors of the Philippine society, particularly, the politician, the government, the private business, the academe and the people/community, to take a united stand in efficiently and effectively addressing the country’s dire situation at present.

In his speech, Liu shared the coping mechanism of PRC to the recessions. “A full economic recovery takes a slow and tortuous process,” he shared.

However, he still sees a good partnership between Philippines and PRC. “As one of China's close neighbors and good friends, the Philippines is a country of rich resources and talented people. With full implementation of Economic Resiliency Plan (ERP) in 2009 and expected global recovery, the Philippines is well-poised to register positive growth this year. China's efforts in stimulating domestic demand and investment expansion create tremendous market potential. Our two countries are enjoying great potential for win-win cooperation,” he said.

At the end of his speech, he left a message he acquired from Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting last September 10. "At the early stage of the global financial crisis, I called for confidence, as confidence is more important than gold and currency. At the most difficult stage of fighting the financial crisis, I called for hope, as hope is the source of strength. At this critical juncture of countering the financial crisis, I call for perseverance, as perseverance will lead us to final victory."

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