Sunday, November 29, 2009

PALHS, ABA, PCA and PDS: Fused for AquaFiesta 2009!

The quartet of Philippine Arowana and Luo Han Society (PALHS), Asian Betta Alliance (ABA), Philippine Cichlid Association (PCA), and Philippine Discus Society (PDS) combined their pool of efforts to bring up AquaFiesta 2009 that held at Eastwood Mall, Manila last November 18 to 22, 2009. This was the first ever collaboration of ornamental fish organizations from the Philippines and around the world.

The four different organizations respectively held events that graced up to this whole fish-keeping festival. PALHS organized the Arowana, Flowerhorn, Goldfish, Koi, Livebearers, Guppy, and Planted tank competition; ABA handled the Betta competition; PCA for the Cichlid competition-exhibit while PDS took care of the Discus competition.

Mr. Heiko Bleher, World Famous Explorer, together with Mrs. Marivi Laurel and Mr. Eric Tiu, also came to judge the 2nd National Discus Championships, one of the major competitions of the event. Bleher was invited by Director Malcolm I. Sarmiento, Jr. from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) in Manila to also give some lectures and seminars for the delegates, visitors and participants of the festival.

Mr. Jack Foo was declared as the Grand Champion winner and was also granted a signed copy of Bleher’s Discus Volume 1.

AquaFiesta 2009 was supported by the Department of Agriculture (DOA), the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, and Philippine Cichlid Association, and was sponsored by Manila Bulletin, Elkindo Fish-connection, Shuey Luong Aquarium, New Life Spectrum, and Pet City.

For more information, do visit the website at or contact (0922)UR-PALHS.


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