Monday, November 30, 2009

CAS, PAF hold 7th Annual Bird Show and Exhibit

The Cebu Avian Society (CAS) and the Philippine Avicultural Federation (PAF) celebrated the7th Anniversary Bird Show and Exhibit at the Parkmall, Mandaue City last September 25 to 27, 2009. This gathered bird enthusiasts that joined the exhibit-competition to showcase the best breeds of birds they could share.

In the anniversary celebration, CAS together with the PAF did not just opened the cages for bird lovers, but also brought the winners to the deserving enthusiasts’ entries in different categories. The following are the lists of those who won in their respective categories:

Parakeets Category:
a. Normal Parakeets - #111 Noel Nacua
b. Pied Parakeets - # 58 Lito Palacio
c. Red-Eyed Parakeets - #37 Dodong Uy
d. Rainbow Parakeets - #160 Noel Nacua
e. Fancy Parakeets - #190 Arlie Gesta

African Lovebirds 1 Category:
a. Peach Face - #113 Lito Palacio
b. Orange Face - #90 Arlie Gesta
c. White Face - #137 Lito Palacio
d. Peid Face - #239 Joy Cadilla
e. Opaline - #146 Armand Arong

African Lovebirds 2 (Eye Ring) Category:
a. Normal Fisher Personata - #142 Alejo Aclan
b. All Fisher Except Normal and Pied - #126 Alejo Aclan
c. All Personata Except Normal and Pied - #173 Jun Rubin

Finches Category:
a. Gouldian - #45 Clyde Pilario
b. Zebra and Society - #46 Dennis Tamara
c. Fancy Finches - #27 Alejo Aclan

English Buddies Category: #125 Jun Rubin

Cockatiels Category:

a. Normal Cockatiels - #155 Arlie Gesta
b. All Color Cockatiels - #43 Eusebia Perez

Best Bird in a Show: African Lovebirds 1 Category, Pied Classification - #239 Joy Codilla

The 7th Anniversary of Bird Show and Exhibit is made possible by the major sponsors – the Manila Bulletin, The Golden Peak Cebu, and the Animal Scene; event patrons – Piper’s Petshop, Philippine Avicultural Federation, GraphicStar, and SunStar; event donor – PETSS, Inc., Boy Diaz – EB Karmine Commercial), Federal North Hardware, Starburst Marketing Corporation, Gallego Merchandising, and RJN Enterprises; and benefactors – El Salvador Beach Resort, JG BAS Roof Master Services, Kapper Phils., SKL Trading, Antonio Go, Joselito Palacio and Family, Tudtud Family, Mire Family, and Armando Arong and Family.

To know more about the event, contact Mr. Glenn Quisido at +639198170687 or visit the website


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