Monday, November 30, 2009

Korea and RP Celebrate Ties through TV Content Showcase and Media Forum

Indeed, the Philippines has been hit by the Korean bug. From the immensely popular dramas, the funky hairstyles and fashions, and the upbeat music, Filipinos love everything Korean nowadays.

And so to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Korea-Philippines relations and strengthen the bond between the two nations, the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) organized the Korea-Philippine TV Content Showcase and Media Forum, held at the Hyatt Hotel Manila last Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

The two-day forum was hosted by Korea Communications and attended by representatives from the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Group 8, GMA Network Incorporated and media practitioners, and cable distributors. The event was geared not only to develop the continuously developing broadcasting industries of both countries, but also to provide more contacts by bringing key players in one venue.

One of the speakers was Mr. Hyo-young Lee, head of the International Business Department of the KBS, the largest broadcasting network in Korea. Mr. Lee discussed successful cases of Korean drama and its growing popularity in Asia.

Mr. BJ Song, Chief Executive Officer and Producer of the series from Group 8 (Boys over Flowers), meanwhile, shared the difficulties of remaking a foreign program into a local version, including getting rights, changing character names, and filming challenges.

For the part of the Philippine media, Mr. Jose Bartolome, Head of the Program Analysis Department of the GMA Network Incorporated, gave an overview of the Philippine television history and elaborated how the trend of telenovelas began, as well as how these TV series changes the facet of the Philippine community.

Kim Jun, member of the group T-Max and one of the protagonists in the series Boys over Flowers, graced the opening ceremonies on Nov. 30.


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