Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Padyak Pinoy 2010 featured LTDF

Le Tour de Filipinas (LTDF) featured cycling clubs from Europe, Asia, and Australia last April 17 to 20. The Tour kicked off with a 145-kilometer lung-buster in Tagaytay City, and the Stage 2 was a 60-km leg ending at Roxas Boulevard, followed by a 135-km Quezon City-Subic stage. The four-day event was capped by a 140-km Subic to Subic run.

Dynamic Outsource Solutions Inc. (Dos-1) Padyak Pinoy, the event’s organizer, noted that the foreign entries were from Europe’s Bordeaux (France), Power Move (Switzerland), AC Spart Pharma (Czech Republic), Arbo KTM Junkers (Germany) and CTK (Switzerland).

Dos-1 president and Padyak Pinoy chairman Edgardo Cayton noted that special guests from Australia’s Prime State and Medscheme/CPI of South Africa were invited to witness the exciting event.

The tour is proudly presented by Tanduay, Smart Communications Inc., and Air21. Moreover, LTDF is a part of the Union Cycling International (UCI), the Asia Tour calendar of the sport’s world governing body.

The UCI granted Dos-1/Padyak Pinoy the license to stage the international race, which is the first for the country since the foreign-flavored Marlboro Tour in 1999.

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