Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stay Young in a Holistic Way

With the continuing increase of anti-aging and other beauty products in the market – from facial whitening to food supplements that aid fertility – it seems as if everyone could stay young in every way possible.

This is the fuel of the Ninth Annual Convention of the Philippine Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Inc. (PAAMI) with the theme “Anti-Aging: The Holistic Approach” at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila last March 6 and 7.

Hosted by Ms. Jeanne Harn, Ms. Philippines Earth 2007, specific topics in the two-day confab included the bio-integrative approach to weight loss, filler, laser lipolysis, male virility, implantology, proper nutrition, adult immunization, photolight laser hair therapy and alopecia, the psychology of preparing the aesthetic patient, colostrum as a “miracle,” advances in rhinoplasty, and the surgiwire technique.

The event was organized by PAAMI, together with IgCo, Unilab, Creative Skin and Spa Products, New Placenta, and Psalmstre.

Please contact the secretariat at (02) 711-2083 or (02) 382-3410 for more information. You may also direct inquiries, via email, to


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