Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quality Brands awarded

The 2010 Quality Brands & Celebrity Awards fused with the Ultimate Cyber, Business and Lifestyle Congress last March 3 at Gerardo’s Events & Celebrity Hall in Quezon City.

The Top Quality Awards is a prestigious benefit-tribute to Outstanding Consumer Products, Services and Corporate Brands & Trademarks with the objective of helping excellent companies, products or service to enhance marketing value, branding and trademarks.

This successful collaboration aims to be a significant venue for promoting business and lifestyle enterprises as well as in facilitating profitable transactions between the participants and the general public.

It was organized by QB & C Awards Committee & MCEAM in cooperation with RT events management. The events was also supported by its sponsors: Business Mirror, The Code Factory, PC Buyer’s Guide, 103.5 Max FM , ABS-CBN, DENKAT, AQUA Health, ROTABOARD, Fast PC, Love Electronics, Gerardo’s, and other media partners.

Mr. Rob Tabali, Producer & Marketing Director of RT events managements can be contacted through 385.1724 or 09289746975.


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