Friday, July 23, 2010

6th National Convention of Fisherfolks in Baguio City

The 6th National Convention of Fisherfolks was held in the beautiful mountain resort of Baguio city last June 4, 2010.

The convention focuses on discussing the current issues in the industry.  Specifically noted that the lucrative fishing industry still has a bright future in helping perk up the economic growth due to the availability of vast water resources which could be tapped for commercial fish production even at the height of the El Nino phenomenon or prolonged dry spell.

According to Gil Adora, Assistant Director for Technical Services of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), while rivers and lake are drying up due to the serious negative effects of the onslaught of El Nino in the country, the trend that must be adopted by the fisherfolks is to develop fish production areas in the vast track of salt waters in different parts of the country in order to sustain fish self-sufficiency in the coming years.

Moreover, Adora asserted that despite natural calamities, the country's fishing industry still has bright future and it should be tapped and supported by concerned agencies so that it will also make a difference in the country's economic growth. Official figure shows that the Philippines is the eighth top fish producer in the world with its coastline length of about 36,289 kilometers.

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