Thursday, September 30, 2010

Asian Bird Fair & Philippine Bird Fest

Davao City intensified its bid to become the country’s top eco-tourism destination as it played host to the 1st Asian Bird Fair and 6th Philippine Bird Festival that started September 24 to 26, 2010 at the Waterfront Insular Hotel.

Davao City is the first Mindanao city that hosted the two-day Philippine Bird Festival, the country’s premier avian conservation and eco-tourism event. Various cities and provinces in Luzon and Visayas, such as Puerto Princesa, Bataan, Cebu and Quezon City, already have hosted the said annual environmental event.

More than 30 foreign and local bird-watching organizations and thousands of students from all over the region participated in the event. Delegates were welcomed with a fiesta-themed dinner hosted by City Mayor Sara Duterte at Matina Town Square.

Activities, such as lectures, exhibits, film showing, workshop, story-telling, and interactive learning included in the event’s activity.

Various talks and presentations on bird-watching were also presented by the Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Bird Conservation Nepal, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Borneo Bird Club, World Wildlife Fund, Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Hornbill Research Foundation, Philippine Eagle Foundation, among others. The controversial, Oscar -winning documentary, The Cove, was also shown for the first time in the city.

The festival sought to enrich eco-tourism through bird-watching and promoted the natural and cultural heritage of its host cities. It was also a significant occasion to draw attention to critical environmental preservation issues and find a common ground in protecting the birds in the region.

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