Monday, May 31, 2010

The Land Sector Summit 2010

“Challenges for a Sector in Transition: Innovation and Opportunities.” This was the theme that fueled the 2010 Land Sector Summit held at the Heritage Hotel last May 28.

"Land is a very important natural resource. Under the environment of good governance and effective land administration system, land can serve as an important asset and a catalyst for poverty reduction and economic development," said Hon. Horacio Ramos, secretary of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR), in his keynote speech for the event. Ramos also pointed out that inconsistent and outdated land laws in the country cause land disputes and double issuances or fake land titles.

Included in the government’s efforts to revitalize and reform the land sector is the launch of the Land Administration and Management Project (LAMP), with support from the World Bank and the Australian Agency for International Development (AUSAID).

Among the current achievements of the government in this endeavor are the introduction of innovations and development of technologies in land survey and titling; land valuation and land information management; improved capacity building in the land sector in terms of trainings, education, and research and development; and improved partnership with stakeholders.

Other speakers for the event were keynote speaker Hon. Margarito Teves, secretary of the Department of Finance; Mr. Tony Burns of Land Equity International; Mr. Ian Lloyd, TA team leader for LAMP2; Ms. Ma. Lourdes Ferrer, DENR-FASPO; Ms. Ma. Presentacion R. Montesa, Bureau of Local Government Finance executive director; Mr. Keith Bell, World Bank Task Leader for LAMP2; Mr. Gilbert Llanto, Mr. Aniceto Orbeta, and Mr. James Riddel of the AUSAID; Engr. Henry P. Pacis, Deputy Executive Director of LAMP2; and Atty. Allan Barcena, director of the Land Management Bureau.

For more information about the event, contact DENR at (632) 929-6626 or visit


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