Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NTTCHP discusses Traditions, Trends, and Targets in Health Ed

Led by the National Teacher Training Center for Health Professions (NTTCHP) of the University of the Philippines, Manila (UP Manila), the Sixth National Conference in Health Professions Education opened on January 19 -20, 2010 with the theme “Traditions, Trends, and Targets in Health Professions Education” at the Traders Hotel, Manila.

In connection with the Center’s 35th Founding Anniversary on January 30, the scientific meeting featured symposiums on teaching critical thinking, curriculum development, teaching strategies, program evaluation, faculty development, and student evaluation. There was also a panel discussion with teachers and learners on addressing the hidden curriculum. Aside from that, significant breakthroughs and trends in HPEd in the Philippines were discussed in the conference, along with information on current trends and practices in curriculum development, teaching-learning strategies, and evaluation in various HPEd settings.

The scientific committee had also prepared a comprehensive and future-looking program for all health professionals who are engaged in teaching and training other professionals in all settings. The conference also revisited time-tested traditions, analyzed popular trends and explored targets in curriculum design, teaching strategies and evaluation to help enable the participants to set future directions in health professions education.

The NTTCHP was established by the UP Manila Board of Regents on January 30, 1975, in response to the need to enhance the instructional skills of teachers in the health professions to enable them to effectively assist their students acquire the needed professional competence.

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